Do you think it is possible to live every day as an Adventure of Possibilities, enjoying Peace and Happiness? Or are you feeling stressed-out, stuck and sometimes wonder “Is this all there is?”

What emotions did these questions trigger in you? Disbelief? Doubt? Caution? Curiosity? Hope? Excitement?

I'm Les Schmidt and I could be the poster-boy for how to screw up your life, learn from it and turn it into your dream life.

Welcome to the world of possibilities. We live in a world that focuses on problems and limitations, and that is a huge part of our challenge. The reality is you are a sovereign, creative being with vast, untapped potential. 

Become your Authentic Self, find Your Truth and your life will become exciting and you will feel Alive!

Les Schmidt is a master of empowering frustrated, stressed-out people, guiding them into the life they secretly always dreamed of by releasing them from past programming imposed by religion, parents, the education system and society in general.

The only way to get the life you want is to become the person. The fastest way to have the life you want is to enlist the support and guidance of someone who has travelled down the road ahead of you.

The author of 2 books, Les uses the power of his story captured in his memoir to release seekers from their past programming and traumas to find their truth, personal excellence, and create their dream life.

Through his Live-Your-Truth program, Les guides and inspires seekers to find their truth, raise their vibration and consciousness, and align with the new model of cooperation and harmony.

Les brings his vast experience and knowledge of coaching and helping employees and customers through every conceivable life situation. He offers real world insight, strategies and techniques learned over forty years of building and managing auto repair businesses and departments of automotive dealerships, combined with what he has learned through countless books, audios, seminars, coaching and mentoring sessions.

Why work with Les?

You have the ability to improve your life, regardless of your past mistakes, or present circumstances

  • You will discover how to overcome your challenges and advance to new levels in your personal and business life.
  • You will have Les’s undivided, focused attention and access to his advice, resources and contacts!

  • Find out for yourself how it feels to have an experienced, caring person help you to create your ideal life.

For additional information on what Les has to offer you - with the goal of you having the very best life - we urge you to visit:


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