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Les Schmidt is a master at empowering men and women to achieve their highest potential and live their dreams by inspiring them to take action.

In his ‘Dark night of the Soul’ Les discovered his one obsession – to learn the Mysteries of the Universe and how to use the Laws that make the Universe function to live our dream life.

Les followed his Dad’s path into auto repair when he started as a helper in a large auto body shop in Philadelphia at the age of 17. He quickly transitioned into head mechanic, and went on to serve as a mechanic in Ford and Chevrolet dealerships until he launched Schmidt Auto Repairs at the age of 25. Les sold this business after 8 years to pursue other ventures.

When one of these ventures turned into a personal disaster and Les hit rock bottom, he made a commitment to a life of excellence and to make a contribution to this ever evolving world.

For 26 years Les served as a body shop manager and business builder in automotive dealerships, and earned respect as one of the top experts in the industry. He retired at the end of 2011 to serve as an independent auto repair expert consultant, and to bring his larger vision to the world through the company he founded in 2003, SageScriptMedia.

Les is the author of 3 books, host of a teleseminar series, a life coach, business consultant and inspiring speaker.

“My mission is to raise the consciousness on Planet Earth, to bring harmony and peace through the collaboration of inspired individuals.”

“We can make a difference together!”

Les Schmidt lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with his wife Carolyn and Miniature Dachshund Chloe. He is most proud of his seven daughters, step daughter and twenty-three grandchildren.










To learn more about Les and his unusual life journey to today, be sure to visit www.findingyourowntruth.com.

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