Listen to the replay of my provocative, enlightening interview of Mikaya Heart. 

On this call you will find out about living in a State of Joy every moment of every day, and what sex has to do with that. You will learn about the art of manifestation - how to choose what you get and get what you choose.You will find out how to get in touch with your "Vastness of Being" and what that will do for you, and much, much more!


Mikaya Heart was born in Scotland. She worked on organic farms in Wales, lived in communes, and trained as a mechanic in England in her twenties. She became a committed and active environmentalist in the seventies, long before that word was well known.

She moved to northern California in the eighties, at the age of 30. She built her own house with her own hands out of recycled lumber in the boonies, ran an organic market garden, and raised organic free range hogs, the first person to do so commercially in the US. She started writing in the nineties, producing The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women, which is a thorough and informative examination of the phenomenon of orgasm in women. Next came With the Sun In My Eyes, the true story of a woman from the West Coast who does remarkable work as a shamanic practitioner and psychic healer. Then My Sweet Wild Dance, which is Mikaya’s personal journey from anger to joy. Most recent is Life, Lies, and Sex: a User’s Guide to Being in a Body, which is an examination of the true nature of reality.

In 2000, Mikaya had a series of remarkable epiphanies which led to her selling her land and taking off traveling around the world. She is now an accomplished kitesurfer, a pastime that brings her enormous joy, and for most of the last ten years, she has been following the wind. She spent a great deal of time alone in remote places until she felt called to come back into the world to teach what she knows.

Because of her radical wisdom, her authenticity, and her transparent integrity, Mikaya is regarded as a spiritual mentor by many. Her work is about empowering the individual, and her most common tool is taking people on shamanic journeys which facilitate flow of Universal energy through the body, enable people to get in touch with their guides and their own personal inner wisdom, and help to access that huge percentage of reality that is unseen. Mikaya’s ultimate aim is to teach people how to operate from a place of trust instead of fear; how to live in a state of unconditional love, no matter what their choices are on a practical level.


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