When life beckons beyond the known horizons.... don't hesitate, don't look who is there to explore with you, nor what is there holding you back.
It is only by leaving behind all that is known, and being willing to step more fully into the adventure which awaits, that the ultimate portals of life open up. 
As long as one clings onto anyone, anything, any place, one cannot truly find.
For there in blue wild yonder lies the hidden treasures of your dream. 
The ultimate dream your soul has dreamt for all eternity. Yet, that dream is best lived in every moment one is prepared to step past the norm, and into the infinite quantum field of new possibilities.
To live the dream it takes courage, strength, fortitude, and an every questing mind, a heart opened up to Love and the infinite movement of the stars and planets, galaxies, that hidden order which governs all of life.
And only when we have truly lost ourselves, let ourselves be totally unravelled, and put back together again, can we finally find the pot of gold within the infinite whole. Yet not gold as we know it - but the Sacred Grail, the Cosmic Tree of Life, itself, the ultimate cosmic BEINGNESS.
(Judith Kusel)

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